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What does the space look like?

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 1.03.59 PM.png

What is included in my rental?

All Studio 125 rentals include wifi, parking and restrooms.  Full studio or room rentals include furniture and kitchen access.

Props from the Wit & Delight prop closet are available for use, for an additional fee. Select ‘Prop Closet’ at checkout to add this on!

Any limitations with the rental space?

Cooking in our full kitchen must be approved by the Studio 125 Manager prior to usage.

A few decor items we never allow - confetti, bird seed, rice and glitter.  No wish lanterns, gel beads or exposed floral petals on the ground or furniture.  Studio 125 does not allow smoke machines, sparklers or open flames.  Spray decor is not permitted.

Who are Studio 125 approved caterers?

We work with D'Amico Catering, Chowgirls and Surdyk's.

Parking and Loading In?

Studio 125 offers on-site parking. Overnight parking is not permitted. We are located directly across from the building loading docks, for an easy load-in and load-out process!