Sensory Series: "RESOLVE" by Wale Deen Agboola

Studio 125‘s Sensory Series presents the Opening Reception for “RESOLVE” by photographer Wale Deen Agboola on November 9, 2018, 7:00pm - 9:00pm.

From the Artist: “I set out on a journey to find absolution, to resolve my past, present, future, to break down my walls and discover who I am. I wanted to know what the world could look like, find something new and old. I came upon a place where time moves slows, where glorious voices harmonize with ease at community gatherings. The milky way is stunning here. Stray dogs run between my steps. I’m honored to have taken the journey, to sit with people that have been sheltered away.

To the Western world, Africa is still a continent of killing, anger, and pain. But its beauty has a curious way of persisting, holding on, flourishing. People never really understand the beauty that lives within all that darkness. This place feels like a metaphor on its own, of what is possible, of how to get better, how to grow, how to be a better artist, how to extend oneself. How to hold fast.


Studio 125's Sensory Series seeks to explore and elevate our understanding of all five (maybe six) senses, how they collaborate and enrich our ability to communicate and empathize.  Community Building, Education, the Arts and Hospitality will be focal points. Studio Director, Julie Brousseau: "We decided to invest this next year into programming that promotes curiosity and expansion of compassion through all realms of the arts and senses. Wale Deen Agboola’s “RESOLVE” is the ideal, impactful imagery to illustrate this.”

Open Gallery hours will be available Tuesdays and Thursdays starting November 13, 11:00am CST - 3:00pm CST, and will run through the month of November.

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